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Are there any regulations regarding lifeguards' breaks while at work?

Asked by Nina Anton 4 years ago lunch !breaks relief

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Other than what is required by Federal Wage and Labor Laws, which state that when working 8 hours, you must be given a 30-minute lunch break, and also two 15 minute personal breaks.  Also during your lunch break you should not be the one that is required to be responsible for the swimmers, for this is your own time, and not company time. Federal Laws require that your time sheet should reflect when you took the breaks.

We feel that there should be far more breaks to prevent fatigue with the Lifeguards, and depends on the number of swimmers, sun, heat and many other factors, but 40 minutes watching in the chair and then a 20-minute break is something that is recommended on hot sunny days. Remember proper supervision may be always given when switching watch.

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