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What is the industry standard for lifeguard to swimmer ratio? What does the ALA recommend? Where can I obtain a copy of your policies and recommendations?

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At a minimum, we suggest to have two Lifeguards on duty at all times, so as to help coordinate a real emergency if one arises. Then once you reach 50 patrons inside the facility, and these are not swimmers but individuals in the facility, we suggest an additional guard for every 25 patrons.  Another thing is that all Lifeguard chairs should be occupied at all times, no matter how many swimmers, and there should be a reasonable rotation for the guards in the chairs.

This recommendation is a minimum and depending on the swimming skills, such as having non-swimmers, along with other factors that are too many to consider without looking at the facility, the number may need to go higher for the recommended number of Lifeguards. This is based on national standards and not state or local codes which will normally be less stringent.

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