How can I renew my lifeguard certification?

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We offer a national Lifeguard recert program you can take on your own. To obtain information on how the training program works, and to register, we ask that you go to our web site www.americanlifeguard.com/ and select "Courses Offered" at the top left of our home page. Then scroll down to the state you live in and tap on the line that states "Lifeguard recert with CPR/AED and First Aid". It will open up and give you all the information and allow you to register if you want.
If you need only to recert your Lifeguarding, and have a current CPR/AED and First Aid card we give you a $50.00 refund after you register and pay. You will need to email us a copy of your current CPR/AED and First Aid card at [email protected] after you have paid. Once we receive a copy for our records, we will issue the refund. You will still be required to complete the CPR/AED and First Aid part of our program, but we will be more than happy to offer this discount if you only need to recert your Lifeguard certification.

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